With their good looks and willing nature the Cane Corso/Italian Mastiff is becoming more and more popular. While large in size, the breed is more ideal for indoor living than other mastiffs. The Cane Corso is an athletic dog that needs regular exercise. This breed does not drool or shed very often, but it does occur.

      A Cone Corsos neck is long and powerful. Their body is heavily muscular and fairly longer than it is tall. The frame is dense and supported by strong, tight feet. The average male dog measures in around 26-28 inches in height and 115-135 pounds. The average female measures 24-26 inches in height and 95-105. The coat is short resulting in needing only the occasional bath. Their coat ranges is color. The most prevelant colors include black, blue, fawn, formentine and red. These colors may be marked with brindle markings created a patern similar to tiger stripes.

      We take pride in knowing these dogs are a loyal, protective, and obedient. With your love, attention, and time the dog becomes a well behaved, trained dog.

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